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Intelligence Led Enforcement Training - Training of Trainers

Intelligence Led Enforcement Training - Training of Trainers

This training course was conducted from the 27th to the 29th of February 2020 at the Traffic Police Training Institute, Saeedabad, Karachi, and had the following learning objectives for the participants:
1. Understanding of:
o Trainer responsibilities
o Principles of Adult Learning
o Steps to help in preparation
o Development of training skills
o Use of lesson and training plans

2. Demonstrate practical application of the knowledge received during the training course by practical presentations of course content.

Intelligence Led Enforcement Training - Training of Trainers

There were 19 participants from Karachi and Quetta.
The course was a practical course for trainers and included the following modules:
1. Review of the initial Training Course content
2. Facilitator Guidelines
3. Major Practical Exercise
• Preparation of lesson plans
• Presentations of training materials by course participants
As with the initial training course, evaluations were provided by the participants at the completion of the course but the outcomes have yet to analysed in detail. Preliminary examination of those evaluations showed that 100% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the course had met the learning objectives and was of value to them.

The Deputy Principal of the Traffic Training Institute attended several sessions and has requested a copy of all materials for future inclusion in the syllabus at the Institute.

Intelligence Led Enforcement Training - Training of Trainers

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