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Road Safety Message

Dial 1915 within city for traffic updates   

Dial 130 for help on Motorway and Highways   

ITP FM 92.4   

Consultations in Sindh

Consultations in Sindh

Members of the TA team meeting in Karachi on 4 December 2019 with Ghulam Abbas Detho, Secretary, Mass Transit and Transport. Useful discussions in relation to the draft model Road Safety Act covered a range of issues, including the integration of vehicle registration processes and safety concerns relating to large vehicles and passenger transport vehicles.

Karachi Meetings

Meetings in Karachi in December 2019 included discussions with Muhammad Rasheed, DSP (Legal), Office of the DIG Driver Licensing and Training. Discussions related to the draft model Road Safety Act (concentrating on Chapter 3) and planned police training.

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