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New road laws for Pakistan

New road laws for Pakistan

Road laws are important for road safety.  They set out the rules which everyone must comply with, for the benefit for all road users.  Serious offences must be accompanied by strong penalties.  We must ensure that drivers have the skills and knowledge necessary for safe driving, and that the vehicles they use are safe.  Many other issues are dealt with in road laws, such as regulation of the road transport industry.

Pakistan's road laws have become outdated and are in need of comprehensive review and modernization.  Many things have changed since they were made, such as changes in technology, increases in road traffic and the decentralization of responsibilities to Provinces.

The Project Team is currently preparing a new model Road Safety Law for Pakistan.  The model law sets out to harmonize the road laws of Pakistan while at the same time allowing for each Government to tailor the laws to its particular needs.  Policy Working Groups, with participation by representatives of all Provincial and Local Governments, have been established to provide input to this major law reform project.

It is expected that a Model Road Safety Law will be completed early in 2020.

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