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The Government of Pakistan (GoP) is implementing the project in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom, whereas NTU International is the implementation consultant for the Road Safety Component.

Project Title: TA-8990 PAK: Enabling Economic Corridors through Sustainable Transport Sector Development - Road Safety Component.

Global Context

The Road Safety Component of TA-8990 PAK: Enabling Economic Corridors through Sustainable Transport Sector Development project is structured to reflect the five road safety action 'pillars' set out in United Nations (UN) Decade for Road Safety Action 2011-2020. This structure supports the implementation of evidenced based, results focused road safety actions within the globally endorsed Safe System Approach. The pillars are:

  • Pillar 1: Road Safety Management
  • Pillar 2: Safer Roads and Mobility (focusing on speed management)
  • Pillar 3: Safer Vehicles
  • Pillar 4: Safer Road Users
  • Pillar 5: Post Crash Response

Overall Objectives

The TA Team will support the Government of Pakistan to further improve the safety of its road network through a holistic set of measures addressing (i) road safety management systems, (ii) road user behavior, (iii) infrastructure improvements, (iv) vehicle improvements, and (iv) post-crash response. An interministerial body or lead road safety agency will be established to coordinate various activities to improve road safety and supported in the development of a national road safety strategy and action plan, informed by a crash database.

Awareness raising campaigns and training of enforcement officials will be conducted. The TA Team will support the Ministry of Communication (MoC) to produce new Road Safety Standards Guidelines for all classes of roads and pilot these standards in at least three locations. The TA Team will support the MOC to develop National guidelines on vehicle and driver licenses and post-crash response.

Overall Objectives

Project Approach

All components under this TA are being undertaken in full consultation with the Road Safety Working Group chaired by the Ministry of Communications and in close collaboration with key agencies at National, Provincial and Territory levels, academics and civil society partners. The approach aims to foster ownership and ensure benefits are sustained and enhanced over time.

Sustainable Response to Better Road Safety in Pakistan


The TA Team will support the MoC to ensure that a national road safety program is implemented by 2020. More specifically, the firm will support Government of Pakistan to conduct the following activities presented in the figure above and detailed below, which are to be considered as minimum requirements.

List of Project Activities

Activity 0. Inception

  • Task 0-1: Kick-off Meeting
  • Task 0-2: Set up project structures and procedures & Round table organisation
  • Task 0-3: Review of the current Transport Sector Guidelines
  • Task 0-4: Preparation of preliminary Draft Table of Contents of the updated Comprehensive Transport Sector Guidelines

Component A: Support to revival of an interministerial body for coordination of road safety

  • A.1 Support to the steering committee, led by MoC
  • A.2 Stakeholder consultations
  • A.3 Detailed diagnosis of past efforts to create such body
  • A.4 Advice on the improved composition, ToR, implementation arrangements and financing arrangements
  • A.5 Expert and logistical support in body’s work to 2020

Component B: Support the interministerial body to improve the draft national road safety action plan, accompanied by a crash database/road safety observatory

  • B.1 Study latest development in Pakistan with regards to drafting of a national road safety action plan, headed by Ministry of Communications. Based on a thorough review of its contents, help improve the draft.
  • B.2 Develop targets and milestones for road crashes reductions by tentatively 2030
  • B.3 Develop a prioritized list of actions
  • B.4 Conduct a review of the legal and regulatory framework of Pakistan
  • B.5 Improve the evidence base of the current road safety situation including contributing factors
  • B.6 Help develop a road safety observatory
  • B.7 Set up a crash database and develop a system for update of this data
  • B.8 Involve, and ascertain the relative roles of various stakeholders
  • B.9 Ascertain realistic, sustainable and upscaled funding mechanisms
  • B.10 Develop a sound monitoring and reporting regime

Component C: Sport the interministerial body to conduct awareness-raising campaigns

  • C.1 Design a comprehensive awareness-raising campaign for road safety
  • C.2 Ascertain the specific target audience, overall branding and key messages
  • C.3 Carry out market research
  • C.4 Communication and Visibility activities
  • C.5 Conduct at least 20 outreach sessions at schools, universities, workplaces etc.
  • C.6 Design and implement an evaluation of the efficacy of the road safety campaign

Component D: Design and execute at least 3 comprehensive training courses to government authorities on various aspects of road safety

  • D.1 Training Needs Assesment
  • D.2 Preparation of Training Plans
  • D.3 Training Delivery
  • D.4 Training Evaluation

Component E: Develop new road standards for all classes of roads, and pilot them in three locations

  • E.1 Study the current road standards
  • E.2 Recommendations for new road standards for all classes of roads
  • E.3 Stakeholder consultations
  • E.4 Piloting new standards in 3 locations
  • E.5 Graphical representations of standards

Component F: Develop national guidelines on driver licensing

  • F.1 Study existing practice on driver licensing
  • F.2 Develop alternative options/solutions
  • F.3 Stakeholder consultations
  • F.4 Develop national guidelines on driver licenses

Component G: Develop national guidelines on vehicle licensing

  • G.1 Study existing practice on vehicle licensing
  • G.2 Develop alternative options/solutions
  • G.3 Conduct stakeholder consultations
  • G.4 Develop national guidelines on vehicle licenses

Component H: Develop national guidelines on post-crash response

  • H.1 Study existing practice on post-crash response
  • H.2 Develop alternative options/solutions
  • H.3 Study and provide recommendations on the improved provision of life insurance
  • H.4 Conduct stakeholder consultations
  • H.5 Develop national guidelines on post-crash response

Executing Agency

The designated Executing Agency (EA) of the road safety component of TA 8990-PAK is the Ministry of Communications (MoC), which contain:

Mr. Hameed Akhtar Executive Director National Road Safety Secretariat(NRSS), Ministry of Communications is the appointed Project Director of this project.

Project Organisation

Project Team

Project Management Team

Mr. Hameed Akhtar Executive Director National Road Safety Secretariat (NRSS)
Rosemary Rouse Team Leader / Road Safety Policy Specialist
Khushal Khan Deputy Team Leader / Road Safety Policy Specialist
Nikolay Chavov Project Manager
Lars Bentzen Project Director
Melissa Clain Project Delivery Officer

Expert's Team

Edoardo Mazzia Road Safety Engineering Specialist
Keith Kelly Post-crash Response Specialist
Tony Bowis Vehicle Safety Specialist
Antonino Tripodi Crash Database Specialist
Desmond Myers Road Safety Enforcement Specialist
Andrei Stoiciu Road Safety Campaign Specialist
Campbell Oliphant Duncan Legal Expert on Road Safety
Ali Zeeshan Legal Specialist
Dr Kamran Ahmed Road Safety Engineering Specialist
Muhammad Shahid External Relations and Awareness-raising Specialist
Dr. Omer Masood Qureshi Crash Worthiness Specialist
Navid Tahir Post-Crash Response Expert
Rimsha Kamran Communication Coordinator
Ahmed Omer Communication and Social Media Liaison Officer

Project starting date: October 2016
Project completion: March 2020
Project main office: NTU - Road Safety Office, Serena Business Complex, Islamabad, Pakistan

NTU Team Leader: Ms Rosemary Rouse

NTU Deputy Team Leader: Mr. Khushal Khan
NTU Project Manager: Nikolay Chavov
NTU International A/S
Vestre Havnepromenade 5, Aalborg, Denmark
Tel. +45 99 30 00 00

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